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Ashok Pratap Singh

27 March 2017

House Mentor, Director of Residential Life, UWC Red Cross Nordic

Master of Science, Master of Education and Diploma in Management, Ashok started his professional career as a teacher and later Housemaster and Head of Sciences at Bishop Cotton School, India. Further on, he was engaged at the new Indo-European Sagar School, where he established House systems and set up the Science laboratories. His desire to create, innovate and experiment got him associated in the founding and management of Pathways World School, before he stepped in as Principal of Sanskriti Residential School.

Ashok’s motto is “विज्ञानं यज्ञं तनुते (Specialized Knowledge Promotes Creativity) and his greatest fear is obsolescence. He decided to join the UWC movement as an educator, to be able to challenge and get challenged in return by the young bright sparks from different countries. In 2007, he came to UWC Red Cross Nordic as a Chemistry teacher. He soon found himself in the role of a House Mentor and, since 2016, Director of Residential Life.


“Being a House Mentor means living amidst a collage of colours, laughter, joy, triumphs, and challenges.”